Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!

  • Jessica Richardson
  • 11/25/19

Have you prepared your home for winter?

With Fall in full swing, and the leaves dropping quickly, it’s time to get your home winterized, here are some things not to forget

  • ​​​​​​​Have your heating system serviced and replace the filters.
  • After most of the leaves drop, clean out your gutters and make sure the drainage is flowing away from the foundation.
  • Have your wood burning fireplace’s chimney cleaned and stock up on firewood for those cozy fires this winter. Have your gas fireplace inspected.
  • Test your Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (remember to replace batteries when the time changes).
  • Disconnect garden hoses and store, drain outside faucets.
  • Inspect attic gable vents to prevent critters from trying to make your warm attic their winter hideaway.
  • Store patio furniture after making sure they are completely dry to prevent moisture from being trapped on it.
  • Prepare for snow removal, find your shovel, make sure it’s in good condition and stock up

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