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What Is My Home Worth?

With so many online real estate resources currently available, you may wonder why you should bother consulting a professional to find out what your home is worth.

After all, there are dozens of sites that have amassed a lot of information about a lot of properties throughout the United States, and with a few clicks of your mouse you can retrieve an estimate of the value of your home.

The problem is that these automated estimates are rarely even in the ballpark of your home’s true value.

These websites draw on data rather than actual market knowledge. For example an estimate value may be derived from all of the sales within a certain zip code. In our area, its not uncommon to have a million dollar home a block away from a $300,000 condo which throws off the numbers completely.

Even sophisticated computer modeling can’t account for nuances such as the condition of the property, location, impact of surrounding properties, current market trends and personal motivation.

Determining what your home is worth is an intricate process that takes experience and expertise. If you are curious about your home’s value, contact me for a complimentary evaluation of your property.

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