Client Story – The Move Up Buyers

  • Jessica Richardson
  • 05/29/20
The “S” Family were fun clients to work with. I helped them purchase their home in Old Town about 5 years ago when they were newly engaged. That home was perfect for them at the time – a cute, updated row house that was walkable to everything.
But five years and two kids later they had outgrown the space. They needed a yard and 4 bedrooms. They had to sell before purchasing a new home and the timing had to line up.

The spring market was in full swing and using my Strategic Home Selling Plan we listed their home, received multiple offers and went under contract in less than a week.

The sellers then became buyers and we focused their search on some of the most popular neighborhoods in Arlington and McLean. This was going to be a challenge because now they found themselves facing fierce competition from other buyers.

It was frustrating competing against multiple buyers, some of whom were offering all cash, with no home inspection or appraisal.

I encouraged them to switch gears and consider some of the properties that on the surface didn’t seem so “hot.” These were homes that, for whatever reason, were being overlooked in this fast-paced market environment.

We identified a fabulous home in an excellent Arlington neighborhood that had been on and off the market several times. A stark contrast to the bidding war experience, the buyers were in a position to negotiate and rather than feeling at the mercy of the sellers, they had the upper hand. They settled on a great price for the house. We were able to coordinate the timing so that they closed on both houses the same day and were able to stay in their Old Town home for a few extra days, giving them plenty of time to move.

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