Gardening With Intention: Attract Butterflies & Hummingbirds, Repel Mosquitoes.

  • Jessica Richardson
  • 03/21/19

The joy you get from your garden comes from the beautiful visual display of flowers and greenery, but why not add to the beauty with the wildlife your plants attract?

​​​​​​​You can strategically add specific plants and feeders to an outdoor space to attract certain creatures while repelling others! Here’s a quick list of plants to keep in mind when shopping for your garden.

Wild Geranium: This herbaceous perennial plant’s preference is light shade to partial sunlight and is one of the easier woodland species to cultivate. It attracts butterflies as well as multiple types of bees.

Mint: Not only is fresh mint the perfect addition to any mojito, but this pleasant-smelling plant is great for repelling biting insects. Plant mint in a pot because it can grow and spread quickly.

Turk’s Cap Lily: This breathtaking perennial plant prefers full to partial sunlight. The large showy flower seems to be designed to attract hummingbirds, long-tongued bees and butterflies.

Lavender: With beautiful coloring and a calming scent, Lavender is at the top of our gardening list. But wait, it gets even better! Did you know that the smell of lavender repels flies, moths, and mosquitoes?

Lemongrass: This tropical herb is packed with citrus flavor and loves sunlight. Citronella is the essential oil found in Lemongrass and is widely used to deter mosquitoes with its strong fragrance,

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