So You Bought a New Home…. Now What!?

  • Jessica Richardson
  • 04/9/20

Congratulations, new homeowner! Now that the buying process is out of the way, here’s a quick and easy checklist of things to do to help you get settled.


– Change locks: Did you know you can change your locks yourself to save money?

– Reprogram automates locks and garage keypad: It’s hard to know who might have had access to codes used by the previous owners, so changing the codes is a simple way to ensure your security.

– Get to know your neighbors: Having diligent neighbors who can keep an eye out for unusual activity around your house can be a great way to keep your home safe while you’re out of town.


– Build a first aid kit: A first aid kit can be personalized for your family’s needs, but here’s a great list of basic first-aid supplies to get your started.

– Test and replace batteries:  Check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

– Get a fire escape ladder: If your home is more than one story, put at least one fire extinguisher on each floor.

Update Your Information

– Update your address with the postal service.

– Update your registration: If you moved to a new state, get a new drivers license and update your vehicle’s registration: Check criteria for registering your car before you head to the DMV. Some states have different emissions tests and other regulations than others.


– Replace and clean your air filters:  A buildup of dust and other airborne particles get caught in your filters over time.

 Locate water and gas valves: You need to know where they are so you can turn them on and off if going on a long trip or have a weather emergency.

​​​​​​​– Test your circuit breaker: In a new home, you may end up accidentally blowing a fuse or losing power, locate your circuit breaker box and properly label it for easy resetting.

Congratulations, and don’t forget to take time to enjoy your new home with family and friends!

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