Discovering The World by Small Ship

  • Jessica Richardson
  • 04/15/20

The Jessica Richardson Team, in conjunction with Bluetail Travel, invites you to join us for a glass of wine, tropical fruit, light nibbles, and tales of the South Pacific! Discover what it’s like to travel to destinations such as rivers of Europe, Asia and the intoxicating Islands of Tahiti on an intimate, yet luxurious small ship.

Get The Inside Scoop On: ​​​​​​​

Life on deck: accommodations, dining, fellow passengers, ship features, activities

– Ports: adventures on land, destination experiences, itineraries

– Tips on selecting a sailing packing, and getting the most out of a small ship cruise

Experts from Paul Gauguin and AmaPrima sailing will be there to answer any of your questions.

Give your inner wanderlust what it wants, and learn about makes a small ship journey truly unique!

This is the second event in the Jessica Richardson event series, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed on future events.


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