Beverley Hills / Braddock Heights

Welcome To Beverley Hills / Braddock Heights

North Ridge is the area that encompasses the neighborhoods of Beverley Hills, Braddock Heights, Timber Branch and Jefferson Park. There are many things to love about this neighborhood. First, is it’s proximity to DC. Living here means a short commute to and from work. For someone who likes to take advantage of restaurants, nightlife and activities in DC you can typically be in the District within about 10-15 minutes. A Old Town, DelRay and Shirlington are a quick car ride away and they are also walkable.

There is a real community spirit present in this neighborhood from block parties to exercise groups, wine nights, mom’s groups, summer camps, school groups and more. Several restaurants and two retail shopping centers are just within a mile walk. North Ridge is also less than 10 minutes from DCA.

Most of the neighborhood homes were built in the 1930s – 1950s. You’ll find everything from original farm house style homes to mid-century split levels and most commonly the Georgian Colonial style. Some are still the original footprint while others have been added on to and some are complete rebuilds. This neighborhood has its own distinct character which reflects the many different types of people who live here. As with most neighborhoods in the City of Alexandria there is no homeowners association.

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