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Most of the homes in Alexandria do not have a mudroom but we’re definitely seeing it more as a remodeling trend.  The mudroom just wasn’t a consideration when these homes were built. Historically mudrooms have been used in home in colder climates where people need to take off their boots and clothing wet from the snow before entering the home.   Alexandria’s (older) homes were typically built with a foyer or entry hall.

then in the 1970s and 80s houses here were built with a garage that you could enter the house through which could kind of serve the purpose of the mudroom. I don’t remember seeing proper mudrooms here until maybe the mid to late 90s.


Right now, the mudroom is a feature that many homeowners are begging yearning for (myself included). We live in an era of hectic schedules, and people on the go –  where the whole family -not just the kids- have their own sporting equipment, sunscreen, hats, glasses, shoes and apparel. Add to that the plethora of coats, jackets or polar fleeces you needed during any given week -since it can be 50 one day and 80 the next- and you have a lot of stuff that needs a place.

But when living space is at a premium you need the mudroom more than ever. It keeps clutter at bay which helps keep the whole house tidy and organized.

As a Realtor, I can tell you that today’s home buyers – especially those with kids and dogs- LOVE mudrooms.

I’ve seen some pretty clever spins on the mudroom in many homes and I’m about to embark on a little mudroom remodeling project of my own.  Here is some of the inspiration I’ve found on my favorite website houzz.

mudroom 6

all photos courtesy of houzz.com

mudroom 4mudroom 5  mudroom 2

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