Why Choose Me

As part of your process of finding the right real estate agent with whom to work, you should ask lots of questions. And you should demand complete answers before committing to working with any real estate agent. One of the first questions you should ask is, “ With so many real estate agents in the area, why should I choose you?”


While experience alone is no guarantee, it goes a long way to show that a real estate agent has the ability to solve problems, deliver results, and make things happen. An 18 year veteran of the competitive DC Metro area real estate market (working primarily in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and DC) I pride myself on making real estate all about my clients: their hopes, their dreams, their wishes.

The Best in Personal Service—

If you’ve ever left a message for a real estate agent… only to play a never-ending waiting game for a call back, you’ll love my responsiveness. I return calls quickly—and give you the answers you deserve. This is true from our first call all the way through closing.

Mastery of Difficult Deals—

I’m not a delicate flower that wilts when things get a little warm. I love a good challenge… and it shows. Many of my clients have benefited from my ability to find solutions in situations that looked challenging at best… or downright horrific at worst.

Lifetime of Marketing Experience—

Because all of my adult life has been spent in marketing, I’m a student of psychology. I know people and what makes them tick. Since I’m constantly learning new marketing strategies, I stay on the cutting edge of what works, what doesn’t, and why. This means I’m able to deliver more consistent wins for my clients, the best barometer of the job I am doing on behalf of my clients.

Huge Social Media Presence

Social media presence can accelerate the speed at which real estate transactions take place. You can benefit from my huge social media footprint and the way it enables me to give clients the results they deserve.

Tap Into New Technologies

When new technologies come on the scene, I adopt the best of them in my real estate business. For instance, walk-through videos are just now beginning to take off in the world of real estate marketing. I’ve been using this exciting new technology for some time—because I know it works.

 Not Afraid of Proven Low Tech Buying and Selling Strategies

Some real estate agents focus 100% of their efforts towards online marketing strategies, convinced that it is the only way to find real estate buyers and sellers. It is my firm belief that this is foolish. Some decidedly low-tech buying and selling strategies remain great ways to making deals. For instance, I use postcard marketing because it works, not because it is the sexiest marketing strategy out there.

In short, you should choose me because…

…I won’t rest until you’re satisfied. You deserve a real estate agent who will work tirelessly to ensure your happiness. I will. I can give you results you can depend on. Want to talk about your vision for buying or selling?

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