Transitioning your porch decorations from Fall to Winter!

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The holiday season is busy enough without stressing over your porch decorations.  Here are some ideas to make the transition from Fall to Winter easy.

Start with Evergreen potted plants, not only are they beautiful by themselves, but when you add in a few seasonal colors/plants and it changes the whole look of the porch.  Add pumpkins, and corn stalks for fall, transition to winter with white lights, red bows to make them look more festive.

Choose a wreath that can last through both seasons, again Evergreens, like preserved boxwood, or silvery eucalyptus work well.  A simple change of the bow color makes the transition easy and inexpensive.

Adding more lightening as the days shorten make your porch more inviting.  Flameless candles or string lights add a warm glow to your porch.

For more ideas check out the ideas in this article.

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