Summer On The Porch

Jessica Richardson Remodeling

My house has a large front porch and one night,  not too long ago, my husband and I were sitting outside having a glass of wine and it occurred to me that sitting on the porch is so pleasant, yet in 8 years we’ve hardly spent much time out there. That’s because our house faces due West and gets hammered by the afternoon sun which takes a toll on the flooring and the result was an ongoing battle with peeling paint and rotting floor boards.

After two previous hardwood replacements, last fall we finally broke down and replaced all of the flooring and steps with a Trex although we (or mainly he) were a bit apprehensive about the aesthetic, we were really pleased with the end results.

So the other night I vowed to myself that this porch would no longer be a shamefully underutilized space  – but a place for connecting with each other, chatting with neighbors and just lounging.

There is something about being on the porch that takes me right back to a time when life was so much simpler and the summers were just about running around and being outdoors. Sadly, my kids will never know that time – but they can still grow up appreciating quiet moments of outdoor living.  I bought a couple of bean bag chairs that they were really excited about and proposed that they start their early summer mornings reading books on the porch – instead of watching TV and to my delight they eagerly agreed.  So this summer we’re all spending a little time unplugged and hanging out on the front porch.

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