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This is one of the best smart home products I’ve seen in a while.

Leave it to my friends, Rob and Jill, to recommend another awesome product – the Ring Video Doorbell for Smartphone.  This is a doorbell that acts as both a camera and intercom so that you can see who is at your door and talk with them without ever looking up from your iphone.

Aside from the obvious security benefits, if you live someplace like I do in Alexandria you may be frequented by people selling magazines and other things you don’t want.


(this was actually a service technician who I was expecting)

I prefer not to be bothered with these things so Ring allows me to say, “no thank you,” without any awkward face-to-face communication. I generally won’t answer the door for anyone I’m not expecting so having ring keeps  me from missing a neighbor or someone else who I might want to open the door for.

Another benefit is that if you’re meeting someone at your house and they arrive early (and you’re still in the car) you can answer the door and let them know you’ll be there in a few minutes.

It also saves the video so that you have a record of who has been at your door when your not home.

After using Ring for a month, the only negative I’ve found is that you have to have your phone with you in order to hear the doorbell.  It doesn’t ring throughout the house like a conventional doorbell. Its possible that there is a way to change this in the settings and I just haven’t figured it out yet.   Overall I would definitely recommend this new smart home product.

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