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Occasionally I come across someone who wants to buy or sell without using a Realtor. Knowing what I do I wonder why anyone would want to do that.   But with so many real estate listing websites and advertising channels readily available one might think, “Do I really need a Realtor?

I am here to tell you that yes, unequivocally  you do need a Realtor.  And here are just some reasons why…


Unless you buy and sell real estate every day for many years, you’ll never come close to having the kind experience a seasoned Realtor does.  Finding not just any Realtor –  but the right Realtor to help you with the buying or selling process is paramount to your success.


Top Realtors network with one another. We know other key players in our market and maintain good relationships with them. This kind of relationship and rapport can go a long way in putting together a successful transaction. A buyer or seller without representation is always going to be at a disadvantage when they have a top professional on the other side of the deal.


Leave the talking to the pros. As the buyer or seller, one wrong word could cost you thousands of dollars. Having a Realtor means we’re speaking on your behalf. We’ll also get you the celebrity treatment at open houses . If you’re a seller, we’ll  filter through all those calls and emails making sure we’re only dealing with qualified buyers who are serious and can perform.


Real estate transactions are chock full of emotions.  It’s tough to negotiate a good deal for yourself when emotions are running high.  Your Realtor is removed from these emotions and will be your voice of reason during a transaction. A top Realtor knows, not just how to deliver a message  – but how to deliver it will skill and in the most effective way possible- protecting your best interest while also maintaining your confidentiality.

As Realtors, we’re  in the trenches every day and we have unique insight into specific neighborhoods and the sales data.  We can get the skinny on how individual sales went down( this goes back to networking).  For example we may have the inside scoop on why a property didn’t appraise or why the previous buyers backed out.  This is information you’ll never find online.


Despite what some people may think, Realtors do not set the prices for buyers and seller. We will however provide guidance and market insight so that our clients can make well informed decisions. When I work with seller, I supply all of the necessary market data to help them decide where they want their price to be. With buyers, I arm them with comparable sales data and then based on market supply demand and seller motivation, I advise them on a negotiation strategy.


Today’s purchase agreement includes 20 plus pages of legalese. Several federal and local disclosures are required. One small omission or error could cost you thousands of dollars or land you in a court of law. Hiring a professional helps protects you from liability.


Some transactions are perfectly smooth but many come with a hiccup or two. Sometimes something major comes up that needs to be addressed. If you don’t have the experience to deal with it (and why would you if you’re not a pro?) you’re in trouble. As a top Realtor it is our job to iron out the kinks and make the transaction as smooth as possible for our clients.

The bottom line is that when you buy or sell a home you’re making, not only a major financial decision but a big life decision as well. There is virtually no upside to walking this path alone. You might think you are saving money by not hiring a Realtor but in 9 out of 10 scenarios it will end up costing you more money as well as headache, hassle and potential liability.

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