Why I Won’t Be a Big Team

  • Jessica Richardson
  • 01/2/19
I’m often asked if I would ever consider growing my real estate practice into a big team. The answer is no and here is why.
Real Estate agents work in many ways, The traditional and most common model is the “Solo Agent.” In this scenario the Realtor works one-on-one with their clients. They do everything themselves, from showing homes and writing contracts to overseeing their listings, managing transactions, marketing, advertising and client relationship management.
Then there is the big real estate “team.” The team has a leader who generates new business. They manage the various team members who are delegated to show homes, write contracts, interact with clients and perform marketing and administrative duties.
There are pros and cons to both of these models. I know because I’ve done them both. My first year in real estate. I worked on a team. I spent many years after that as a solo agent.
A solo agent can only sustain a certain amount of business before they become overwhelmed. A team is efficient and can generate large volumes of business but in the process they risk losing the personal approach.

What I love most about this business is working one-on-one with people. I enjoy really getting to know them.

I don’t like the idea of handing off a client to someone else or not being personally involved. I feel that when someone hires me, they should get me and my knowledge and expertise- not someone with less experience.

So in order to provide the most stellar service to my clients I’ve adopted a another model – known as “Principle Agent” model. The Principal Agent model actually is a team but not in the sense I previously described. This model focuses more on streamlining business processes while maintaining an emphasis on personal service.

I do have a small team but they work behind the scenes handling administrative tasks and marketing.

I also have expert partners who assist with things like home repairs, staging and photography. They make it possible for me to spend my time doing what I do best – negotiating deals and giving clients my undivided attention.

If you are contemplating a move, I’d love to be of service. You can always reach me directly by cell phone or by email.


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