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Poof… and Just Like That it Was Gone

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Dear Alexandria Lifestyle Readers,

You might have noticed that you haven’t received any updates in a while. That’s because after a lot of agonizing I’ve decided that it’s time to write the next chapter.

I began Alexandria Lifestyle in 2011 with the mission of sharing everything that I thought made Alexandria such a fun and unique place to live. At the time the world wide web was completely devoid of contagious enthusiasm for this city.  But over the past 5 years we’ve seen the emergence of a number of creative, new and interesting blogs reflecting the same passion for Alexandria.

For a while now,  I’ve felt like it was time to move on from this blog but I just didn’t know how.  For anyone unfamiliar with blogging, it’s a big commitment of time and energy – two things that a full-time Realtor with 2 children doesn’t necessarily have a plethora of.   To do something like this and do it well,  it has to be in your heart and for me it just wasn’t there anymore.

The big question I really struggled with was  “what do I do with the blog now?”  If I kept the site live but stopped posting, I’d have an outdated social media presence which is worse than no social media presence. But deleting it meant throwing away 5 years of creative writing and content –  and that was hard to stomach.  I also hated the thought of not having a vehicle for sharing fun and useful information with people.

At the same time back in August, I was working like crazy to ramp up my new real estate website (that’s the one you’re reading right now) .  I was trying to complete a domain name transfer and I inadvertently deleted Alexandria Lifestyle.

Poof ….and just like that it was gone.

At that moment I stared at my computer and rather than feeling panic I felt a wave of relief.  I knew that it could most likely be recovered but I chose not to pick up the phone and call tech support. The more it sank in, the better I felt.

It was the perfect opportunity to incorporate a new blog into my new website. And do you know what happened?  I felt inspired and excited about blogging again. This time I could write about so many of the things I love, like home decorating and remodeling but still cover new developments on the local scene. I could also share my tips and advice as it relates to homes and the real estate market.

My hope is to entertain you, inspire you and add value where I can.  I promise never to send you spam or waste your time with bad content.  As always, I love hearing your ideas so please don’t hesitate to email me.

I am thrilled to share my new blog with you and I hope you’ll continue to follow me.

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